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Foundation Failure or Bowed Walls?
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Water Solutions, LLC is an Omaha-based company serving the Metro Omaha area. Our Certified Structural Technicians have experience with all phases of construction and the expertise necessary to not only fix, but to solve your water drainage issues. We are proud to provide affordable foundation repair and interior and exterior drainage solutions to divert water away from your home or business. Our drainage solutions will prevent any further water damage to your foundation caused by surface or subsurface water.   Learn More

Going Beyond Drainage...

One day recently, Walt with Water Solutions went out on a call to provide a bid to a woman who had reported drainage issues at her home. Upon arrival,  Walt found the woman in tears. When he asked if he would like her to come back another time, she replied "no," and went on to explain that she had recently lost her husband and just that day had also lost the ring he had given her. She was devastated.
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Exterior Water Drainage Systems

Exterior Water Drainage Systems in OmahaWater Solutions, LLC will design and install an exterior drainage system to divert the surface water away from your home  and foundation.  This system could include downspout diverters, catch basins, pop-ups, corrugated drainage pipe, rubber membrane or Platon® Weatherproofing Membrane.

Interior Water Drainage Systems

Interior Water Drainage Systems in Omaha

Water Solutions, LLC will design and install an interior water drainage system that will trap the surface and subsurface water using CertainTeed FORM-A-DRAIN™. The water will drain into a basin and be removed utilizing a sump pump system. To complete the project, an exterior drain system will be installed to direct the water away from the foundation.


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Oftentimes with water problems, just repairing the damage won't cut it. At Water Solutions, LLC we identify the "why's" behind your water drainage issues and solve them at the root cause. Let Water Solutions solve your water problems, once and for all.

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